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Exhibitor FAQ's

What type of event is this?

BC HomeShows is a consumer based Trade Show that offers  FREE ADMISSION for the public to attend.


Is there free WiFi available?

Most facilities offer free WiFi but not guaranteed.  If you are needing WiFi, please make sure to bring a mobile device that supports data usage.

What type of advertising will there be?

There will be advertising in digital news sites, radio stations, television, social media which includes Facebook and Instagram sponsored ads, radio on location (some events) and road signs (most events).

What is included with booth rental?

All standard booths are draped in our show colours which are green and blue. The back wall is 8 ft. high; the side dividers are 3 ft. high. S-hooks are provided for hanging light-weight signs. Height restrictions to apply to the side dividers; your display/signs must not exceed 4 ft. high along the sides. Complimentary exhibitor badges will be provided and are optional to wear.

Electrical Service is not included.

Will there be tables and chairs or carpet to rent?

Yes, but must be ordered prior to the show, as they are not available for rent at the show. We rent plain tables, draped tables and booth carpet (green, blue or black colour for table drape and carpet). Chairs may be available for use but is not guaranteed as it is facility dependent; we suggest bringing your own chairs.

What types of business categories are there?

There are many categories which include a variety of  home building and renovation type businesses to include (but not limited to): HVAC, landscaping, plumbing, interior design, home leisure, other businesses offering products and services with an array of consumer purchasing options.

Can I share a booth?

No, it is one business per booth.

What is the expected attendance?

Kamloops Spring Home Show & Boat Show: Anticipated attendance 5000+ for the 2-day event.

Kelowna Spring Home Show: Anticipated attendance 5000+ for the 2-day event.

Vernon Spring Home Show: Anticipated attendance 3500+ for the 2-day event.

Salmon Arm Spring Home Show: Anticipated attendance 2500+ for the 2-day event.

Kamloops Fall Home Show: Anticipated attendance 4000+ for the 2-day event.

Vernon Fall Home Show: Anticipated attendance 3000+ for the 2-day event.

Where is the event being held?

Both the Vernon Spring Home Show and Vernon Fall Home Show events are held at Kal Tire Place.

The Kamloops Spring Home Show is held at McArthur Island Sport and Event Centre.

The Kelowna Spring Home Show is held at Kelowna Curling Club.

The Kamloops Fall Home Show is held at Sandman Centre.

The Salmon Arm Spring Home Show is held at SHAW Centre.

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